I'm a photographer based in sunny Nelson, New Zealand (although I'm a southern girl at heart!)

I'm ridiculously passionate about creating and preserving memories and feel so honoured that people have chosen me (and continue to choose me) to be the one they let in to capture their most intimate moments. Seriously, the buzz I get from photographing love between humans never gets old!

My style is journalistic and organic and I'll take an authentic, natural moment over a staged photo any day. My goal is always to capture you, as YOU. The laughs, the tears, the crazy - you name it. I've got you covered.


so, who's timothy?

Haha, weeeelllll, Tim's my husband! Although he doesn't shoot as much anymore (more on that below), he's still very much a part of the business.

In early 2018, we relocated from our home city of Dunedin up to Nelson and with that move came a change for us and our business. After operating as a husband-wife photography duo for several years, a new season in our life and a new city was the perfect time for us to take a step back and re-evaluate our goals, both personally and for our business. We made the decision for Tim to step back from being a primary photographer for this current season of our lives.

Why have we chosen to keep the name Timothy & Ariana?

Well, to put it as simply as possible… we’re still us! Although the roles we hold in the business now look ever so slightly different than before, we love the journey that we have been on together building our name into what it is today, and who knows - Tim may want to jump behind the camera again in the future. We have tossed up the idea of doing a complete rebrand, but we want to leave the doors open for now and just see where life takes us and this wee business of ours.


Grace & Marco

“Ariana’s energy is infectious.
You can’t help but feel excited
yourself when you know she’s
taken a shot she loves.”

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